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If you are a Lego enthusiast, young or old, you like to make your own creations, you like robots, mecha, spaceships and video games, this it the Lego Building Club for you! What are you waiting for?  JOIN NOW!   

Do you like to show off your custom Lego creations? BWTMT Brickworks often hosts Lego building contests on Youtube. This is your chance to get your custom Lego creations noticed by other builders with similar interests and of course you can win some cool PRIZES too!   

If you are interested in custom Lego models, Transformers, robots, minecraft, gaming or spaceships, this is the Lego building club for you. Join the BWTMT Brickworks Lego Building Club for our quarterly newsletter for Lego building tips, free LDD Files, news on Lego and fan events and promotional discounts on our custom Lego products.  

CONTESTS AND GIVEAWYS! Exclusive Lego building contests, giveaways and prizes to be won! .........................WIN COOL STUFF!

BWTMT Lego Building Club